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The highest value for every person, every family and generally for society – is health.
It is important for all people to live among healthy, fully-fledge members of society.
Unfortunately, drug addiction and alcoholism spread like an epidemic, every drug addict involves up to 20 people in drug use!
The methods which used in our company, allow us to timely define a socially dangerous person, help him and save his surrounding people from his harmful influence. We are for "purity" from drugs and alcohol at work, at school, university and other communities.

Biotechnology company Dianark

  The company "Dianark" is Russian manufacturer of unique test kits for the detection of hidden drug users and early forms of drug addiction. Diagnostic kits "Dianark" do not have world analogues and are based on the ELISA for specific antibodies formed in the body after taking the drug and circulating in the blood stream for a long time.

The company "Dianark" produces ELISA kits for:
• antibodies against drugs of abuse in the blood;
• metabolites of narcotic substances in the urine;
• antibodies to endogenous bioregulators (beta-endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, histamine, etc.) to determine the severity and duration of drug addiction, determine predisposition to addictions (including gambling addiction, alcoholism).

Our diagnostic laboratory carries out analyzes by Dianark kits.

The company is developing a vaccine for the anti-relapse treatment of drug addiction, a new generation drug that does not have world analogues.

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